HDB Fire Insurance

hdb fire insurance

Are you aware that before collecting the keys to your new flat you need to buy a basic HDB Fire Insurance for your new house? There are different ways you can provide your home the adequate coverage it needs.

Home Contents Insurance Coverage

There are several home protection plans that are provided by different insurance companies to address the needs of homeowners. Let’s have a look at what the majority of them generally cover:
1. Private and renovation Contents
This insures loss and damages to your furniture, the renovation and furnishings, as well as your personal belongings damaged by unfortunate events like fire and break-ins.

2. Lodging Expenses
This simply means the costs (up to a specific sum) for an alternative accommodation will be covered in the event that your insured home is made uninhabitable.

3. Private Injury and Worldwide Obligation.
Homeowners and their relatives are covered for personal accident and also the family’s legal liability to third party overseas or anywhere in Singapore. This provides peace of mind whether you are away or at home.

4. Bonus Covers.
This cover includes of removal of debris, conservancy costs, replacement of locks and keys, emergency cash allowance, and even cover things like deterioration of food in the fridge, loss or damage to contents or possessions while they’re being temporarily relocated (and some even insure the domestic helper’s things!), and loss of your beloved pet.

There are numerous comprehensive home insurance policies offered by various associations created to keep your house sound and safe and for your unique needs. Go beyond basic fire insurance for HDB-owned fittings & fixtures. Shield renovations and your own house contents too.